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About Us

The adventure extreme club consists of members who enjoy the adrenaline of risk taking and possess great desire for new quests that are thrown on their way. Through this we have mastered maintaining the perfect balance between academic and social life.

Come, join us as you will discover an exciting side of yourself you might have never known. As we are on the constant lookout for any opportunity to explore the hidden treasures that Johor has to offer us while developing new friendships along the journey. It’s not at all a drawback if you aren’t an outgoing person as you will have all the more reasons to join our club!


Ad-Ex Club

Past Events

Hey, Beaches!.jpg

Hey, Beaches! (@Desaru Beach)

We had collaborated with UoSM Volunteering Society in organising a beach-clean up event. Everyone basks in the sunlight while cleaning and collecting trash. This ensures the beach is cleaner and safer, and also to improve the coastal and ocean ecosystem.


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No fee is required to become a member of the club! You only need to pay when you join an event.

Contact Us

Instagram: @adex_uosm

President: Lau Jacqi


Vice President: Ho Li Ying (Tricia)


Secretary: Kevin Cheng Yi Sheng


Treasurer: Bee Jun Kai


Activity Coordinator: Alyshia Maria Gunaretchaka


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