Christian Fellowship Club

Christian Fellowship Club

About Us

Christian Fellowship is a place for Christians and non-Christians alike to explore and examine different beliefs out there. 

We strive to create a safe place for students to know about Christ and to be part of a bigger community group to encourage and support one another.

We are a student-led group running activities ranging from Bible study discussions, Games and having Fellowship Outings.

Meeting and Activities

We currently meet up on Mondays fortnightly from 8.30pm to 10pm online through Zoom. However, with the improving situation, we look forward to having physical meetings again soon!

Although we meet up fortnightly, we will be meeting in smaller group settings as well for meals to get to know each other better! Do sign up for further updates on our regular meetings and outings!

Past Events

  • Welcome Party

  • Movie Nights

  • BBQ Potluck

  • Combined Christmas Event

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None needed! We welcome all to join us!

Contact Us!

  1. Amelia Chong – Mech Part II (+60165004311)

  2. Joel Wong – EEE Part II (+60178629132)

  3. Ian Lim – Mech Part II (+60162791819)