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Christian Fellowship Club

Christian Fellowship Club

About Us

UoSM Christian Fellowship aims to be a place where everyone can discover what Christianity is all about, and discuss difficult questions. We intend to do so by having weekly sessions which include Bible studies, topical discussions and talks.


We also strive to create a warm community in UoSMCF for Christians to help one another grow by reading, studying, reminding, and applying the commands of Jesus together, admonishing one another through scripture.

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Meetups and Events

Our regular meetups are on Mondays, though there are some exceptions (i.e. school holidays) Do keep an eye out for our announcements on Instagram @uosm_cf!


We will have a welcome party in the month of October, and subsequently we will have an inter-uni CF Christmas party in the books, so follow our instagram page for event announcements, you don’t want to miss out!

Past Events

  • Welcome Party

  • Movie Nights

  • BBQ Potluck

  • Combined Christmas Event


Sign up so that we can get to know you more! (membership is free too :o)


None needed! We welcome all to join us!

Contact Us!

Follow us on Instagram: @uosm_cf

  1. Clement Eyo EEE Part 2 +60196752113 (President)

  2. Lau Jacqi Mech Eng Part 2 +60127372989 (Vice President)


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