UoSM Dance Club

About Us

Always feel like moving your body when you hear music? The newly formed UoSM Dance Club got your back!

We invite all individuals who are interested in dance to join our club. Doesn't matter if its Classical or Hip Hop, New Jazz or Kpop, as all welcomed to join this community. 

Don't worry if you don't know how to dance, we have dance lessons each week and you can have your say in what you want to learn!

"A stage for everyone "

Our aim is to provide a platform for all of you to learn and share dance. We are keen to invite members who are experienced in any type of dance to be dance leaders for a period of time and share your dance skills and experience. 

We also have many opportunities to perform on stage to showcase your dancing talents. Come along with us and enjoy the enthusiasm and body energy it brings!

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Planned Activities

Weekly Training 

Achievement Exhibition

Campus Performance