UoSM Frisbee Club

UoSM Frisbee Club

About Us

Hi guys, we are the UoSM Frisbee club, also known as the Airborne Penguins! We unite every Wednesday to ‘fly’ after and catch frisbee discs. We will fly together, dive together, get down and dirty together and of course have lots of fun together! Come join us every Wednesday 5pm to 7pm and learn how penguins can fly! Don’t worry if you have not played or heard of the game frisbee before, we will be more than happy to teach and guide you to play the game. Trust us, it's fun.

Meetings and Activities

Our weekly meetings are held on Wednesdays at 5pm - 7pm! We will add you to a group chat once you’ve registered and paid. Please check the group chat for the meeting location as the location may change based on availability of fields. Transportation will be arranged for those who need it.

Planned Activities

  1. Training sessions will be conducted during the weekends if we are participating in frisbee tournaments.

  2. We will have friendly sessions within ourselves/ other universities depending on the current situation

  3. Let’s occasionally join some organized friendlies or Hats!

  4. Hopefully NuMed games! (depending on the organising university)



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Only RM 5 for this entire year for new frisbee discs.


Contact Us

Heng Yi (President) +60 16-728 3881

Ian Lim  (Vice President) +60 16-279 1819