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IMechE-UoSM Student Chapter

About The Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE)

IMechE is an independent engineering association and learned body established in 1847, it is one of the oldest professional engineering bodies with the world’s largest mechanical engineering network, knowledge and opportunities in the world. It represents mechanical engineers worldwide with its headquarters situated in London. The Institution has been licensed by the Engineering Council in the UK to evaluate candidates for Chartered Engineer accreditation. Encouraging professional registration and long-term career development are among the many tasks of IMechE.

How IMechE-UoSM Student Chapter

IMechE-UoSM Student Chapter is the sole student society for mechanical engineering at the University of Southampton Malaysia. We are an official student chapter under the purview of the Malaysia Branch of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE). We officially launched in April 2017 and are still actively serving the members and students for the fourth year. 

IMechE-UoSM is led by a group of committed and passionate future engineers as the Board of Committees with the guidance and leadership of our Academic Liaison Officer (ALO), Dr. Foo Ngai Kok.


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How IMechE relates to UoSM

A Student Chapter of IMechE consists of student affiliate members of the Institution studying at the same university that work together to promote the Institution and engage the IMechE members based in that university. IMechE-UoSM Student Chapter aims to spread the passion in learning and inventing among fellow students and the local community, in line with IMechE’s vision of improving the world through engineering. We hope that by involving them in a range of different types of activities, we can inspire more people to join in on this movement and make the world a better place for everybody.

How IMechE enriches students

  • Member benefits:
    If you are studying full-time you can become an Affiliate member, giving you access to our library, Support Network and members-only content. Once you have finished your degree you can apply to be an Associate member and start progressing to professional registration as an IEng or CEng.

  • Young members' networks:
    We have a very active young members' network, which welcomes Affiliate members at its regional, national and international events and activities.​
    We also run challenges and competitions for students, such as Formula Student, the Railway Challenge and the Design Challenge. 

  • In UoSM: 
    Various activities, workshops and competitions related to engineering will be held by IMechE-UoSM Student Chapter, aiming to expose students to the real engineering world and gain relevant knowledge. Members also get the opportunity to join the IMechE-UoSM Community to network with alumni of UoSM and gain invaluable connections.


Best Student Affiliation Award 2020/2021

The IMechE-UoSM Student Chapter 2020/2021 was awarded the Best Student Affiliation Award 2020/2021 by the University of Southampton Malaysia Student Association (UoSMSA) during the first Inauguration Ceremony hosted by UoSMSA.

Best Student Affiliation Award.JPG

Past Events

Virtual Sharing Session Week


Week-long talks and sharing sessions with the sole aim of giving attendees an insight into different views in the engineering field. The week started off with a talk by Mr. Markus Joos from CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research. He shared his insights on working as an engineer in CERN and the current ongoing projects. That was followed by an Alumni Sharing Session, where Mr. Jeremy Fong from Rolls-Royce UK branch and Mr. Aaron Teo from Dyson UK branch shared their studying and working experiences. Lastly, Ir. Dr. Balamurugan A. Gurunathan presented a talk on “What you should do before you graduate as an engineer”.

Virtual Sharing Week.png

Speak Out for Engineering (SOfE) Internal Heat 2021

Speak out for Engineering (SOfE) is an annual event held by IMechE around the world.  It is aimed at promoting the ability to communicate mechanical engineering subjects effectively. It is specifically concerned with verbal and visual communication in describing and explaining technical subjects. Each participant delivers a 15-minute live presentation related to mechanical engineering followed by a 5-minute Question-and-Answer session by the judges. The winner of the internal heats Theng Zian Kao was chosen to represent UoSM in the national finals of SOfE. 

Speak Out for Engineering Competition.png

Aircraft Workshop

The Aircraft workshop was a joint event between IMechE-UoSM Student Chapter, UoSM IET On Campus, UoSM Robotics Club, USM IET On Campus, and UTM IET On Campus focusing on the theme of aircraft. The topics covered were mechanics and avionics involved in an aircraft to provide all engineering participants with a greater understanding of how an aircraft operates with all the machineries. The speaker, Dr Shian Lee, CEO of AlphaSwift Industries shared all the technologies revolving around drones and UAVs as well as a  “Mission Planner” simulation.

Aircraft Workshop.png

Introduction of IMechE

The talk is aimed to let members and new students know about the benefits of becoming a member of IMechE. Ir. Dr. Chua Yaw Long, Vice Chair of IMechE Young Member Section (YMS, along with special guest Ms. Seow Khei Yinn, shared the benefits of IMechE and their experience with the institution. 

Introduction of IMechE.png

F1 Trackside Fluid Engineer talk

A virtual talk by Mr. Liow En De, a representative from PETRONAS Lubricants International Italy.  He provided us with the knowledge on roles and responsibilities of F1 trackside engineers followed by a short sharing session about his personal experience in F1 races. This talk was carried out on the 22nd of November 2021 with over 120 participants along with many international guests.

Career Week - ​ “Interview Skills Coaching (ISC)” Workshop

It is a workshop under the Career week’s programme which is organised on 14th March 2022. This workshop is designed to help students get more of an idea on how to stand out during interviews when the pressure is at its highest stakes. Interview performances are undoubtedly crucial in getting excellent employment opportunities. The speaker of the event is Mr. Zen Teng who is a professional recruiter who is extremely familiar and experienced within this field. In addition, there is also a “Role Play Interviews” where a few students volunteered themselves to have interview training session with Mr Zen. 

Career Week Interview Skills Coaching (ISC) Workshop.png

Career Week - ​ “How to Build Your CV” Workshop

Another virtual workshop under the Career week’s programme which is held on 22nd March 2022. The speakers that are invited to this workshop are Mr. Azrin and Mr. Sanjey from Asia Recruit. During the workshop, they both share many useful tips in writing a good CV. 

Career Week - How to Build Your CV Workshop.png

Career Week - ​ Career Fair

This virtual event is organised on 23rd March 2022 where we help students understand more about some leading companies in different sectors where internship opportunities were provided to students. This event is joined by Arup Kuala Lumpur, RF Station, Iskandar Investment Berhad, Vitrox, Top Glove and GKN Aerospace. More than 5 students secured an internship with said companies through this event.

Future Events

  • Networking

  • Site Visit

  • Career Fair

  • Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2022/23

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