UoSM Social Leadership Club (UoSMSLC)

UoSM Social Leadership Club

Break Barriers, Build Confidence

About Us

The UoSM Social Leadership Club (UoSMSLC) is a club that unites open-minded individuals that have or wish to instil leadership qualities within themselves, all while being able to comfortably express their thoughts with freedom. Emphasis is also given to ensure that all members are able to socialise well and are capable of building their own social networks.

Our activities consist of casual and friendly debating sessions, public speaking as well as having deep engaging conversations. Games and team-building activities related to leadership skills and team building have also been planned to allow members to further expand their network and be the social leader in their circle.


Group Photos

Lovely group photos from previous virtual sessions. The smiles on all our club members' faces definitely show that they are having fun.

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