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Southampton University Spaceflight Society

Malaysia Branch

About us

Since our first high altitude balloon launch in 2012 - originally as part of the Physics Outreach group - SUSF has been dedicated to making space more accessible to everyone. 


In the years following, Spaceflight Society has continued to expand, adding rockets, satellites and rovers to our repertoire of projects. One of the University of Southampton’s longest-running and most successful engineering societies, we welcome members from all backgrounds. Recently, we have established a branch in the Malaysia campus of the University in 2020.


Members typically study

  • Aerospace

  • Computing/Technology

  • Electronic & Electrical

  • Mechanical/Manufacturing

  • Sciences/Maths

The facts

  • 1st Place in the UKSEDS Olympus Rover Trials 2020

  • Official Local Lead for the NASA Space Apps Challenge 2020

  • Official Collaboration with European Space Agency for the UoS3 CubeSat Mission

  • ……. and many more accolades


KCL Space is a branch of the United Kingdom Students for Exploration and Development of Space (UKSEDS). We are also affiliated with NASA, Lockheed Martin and ESA.

Our Committee (UK HQ)

President: Hazel Mitchell 
VP/Treasurer: Wiktor Wdowin
Head of Projects: Ceris Brown 
Head of Software: Duncan Hamill 
Head of Outreach: Saxon Williams Harries 
Webmaster: Yaseen Reza
Secretary: James Saletes 
Social Secretary: Franz Rojas Ayala 
Project Manager: Debjyoti Sengupta


Registration form:

Yearly membership fee:

RM 20

Membership benefits:

As a member of SUSF, you will gain access to all of the following:

  • Grants for space-related projects

  • Blackboard skills courses

  • Careers support & advice

  • Industry connections

Contact us:

Our Committee (Malaysia)

 President: Al Jaber Khan
Vice President: Johansen Woo
Secretary: Takehiro Yamashita
Treasurer: Ren Yii Hoo

Design and Creativity Officer: Joshua Foo

Our Mission

At Spaceflight Society, our mission is making space more accessible for everyone. We believe that removing barriers to the space industry can offer amazing benefits, such as promoting the development of new technologies, opening exciting career paths and inspiring younger generations to pursue STEM education.

We aim to achieve this through the following methods:

  • Projects - Our main activities are annual projects undertaken in teams, which allow members to gain practical experience in fields such as rocketry, simulation, rover design and satellite communication.

  • Skills Courses - We offer all members access to online “Skills for Space” resources, which allow members to learn skills beyond their studies which will boost their employability in the space industry. These include CAD, coding, systems engineering and more.

  • Outreach - Working with schools to host Outreach events has always been an important branch of our activities. Past events have included model rocket and weather balloon launches.

  • Networking - We facilitate attendance at events like the National Student Space Conference, showcase member activities on LinkedIn and host online events.

Project Info

The Olympus Rover Trials

is a UKSEDS competition to design and test Sample Fetch Mars rovers. This involves manufacturing the chassis, drive, remote control and sample collection systems. On the competition day, rovers undergo vibration testing and compete to collect sample canisters across simulated Martian terrain. Our team recently received Overall 1st place at the 2019-20 national competition, as well as Best CDR, Mission Plan and Presentation.

Rocket Altitude Record Attempt

The aim of this project is to construct a rocket capable of beating the UK altitude record for the motor class F, 40 – 80 Ns. The current record stands at 4,368 feet, but any altitude above 2,643 ft will get us into the top three for this class and onto UKRA’s website.

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