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Volunteering Society

Volunteering Society

About Us

We are a group of enthusiastic students who want to show care towards the people around us. We believe that volunteering can be conducted in interesting ways! Our volunteering experiences are related to humans, animals as well as environment. Some of our past activities include beach cleaning, animal shelter cleaning, kechara soup kitchen and teaching little children at orphanages! We do believe that we can make a better world by turning our compassion into actions! 

Besides being able to give back to the community around you, you’ll also be able to boost your CV by showing that you have the initiative to contribute from what you are capable of. Besides that, our group activities will also leave you with a bunch of new friends, who make your uni life more exciting! 

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Past Events


Desaru Beach Cleanup

The Desaru Beach Cleanup was a joint-collaborative event with IET UoSM. The aim of this event was to promote conservation and preservation of the flora and fauna of the local environment. Over 30 participated in this event as we all worked together to clean all kinds of debris from a local beach at Desaru, Johor. Through this event, we were also able to bond with the members from the IET, while having cleaning the beach for our environment as the main goal.

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